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Hello! My name is Stephen Nall. I am primarily a programmer and web developer. Do you need help with your web site, back-end systems, or system integration? Contact me.

The bulk of my web development experience has been with the PHP programming language on the LAMP stack. I’ve been converting web sites to WordPress, making changes on existing WordPress sites, and building new ones. When I’m not building web sites or mapping data and the like, you might find me tinkering with automated trading algorithms using Python on Quantopian, or analyzing ecommerce metrics. Some of my other interests include entrepreneurship, stock and options trading, playing guitar, singing, and spending time with my wonderful wife and children. I also have a keen interest in electronics, but was steered into software development by a government contractor I worked with years ago.

This personal web site is the focalpoint of my activities. For the most part I will be covering topics that align with my varied interests. I hope you will find some of the articles useful.

Be sure to check out my News and Articles page and also my Products and Services.

Click here to view our current product listings (mostly my wife’s project now), and be sure to read my article about our latest eCommerce experiment. Our product listings continue to grow and change month after month. I have plans to re-launch our own eCommerce store soon with fresh products and I’ll be sure to post an update here.

Thanks for stopping by!